The winner of Fresh Factor Live 2017, Nolene Spinks’ vocal ability stood out amongst that of hundreds of contestants from Port Elizabeth. The competition was judged by Bevin Samuels, 2016 South African Idols finalist, Alison Gooch, the worship leader of Burn PE and Manny Eagle, the Music and Creative Arts director of Word of Faith Christian Centre. ne Spinks,  We asked Nolene a few questions.

How did you feel when you won Fresh Factor Live?

“I’ve competed in competitions before so the stress and nerves were something I was almost used to by now. It never gets better though, they never go away, but it’s expected to be there. Although I have to be honest, sitting through the first round on the Friday night I really did not think that I would be in the Top 5.

The talent was exceptional and the contestants were so real! It was a shock and a huge excitement getting into the top five, but I never thought that I would win. That was kindof mind blowing, but an awesome feeling at the same time.”

Where would you like your musical career to take you?

That’s a very good question. I have to start making decisions on where my life will go in the future, where I want to study and what I want to do for a living. To be honest, this is possibly the hardest decision I have to make. I know that I want to do something in the arts. A job behind a desk locked away behind a big wooden door just won’t work for me. I’ve considered many different careers in the arts, such as art psychology, drama therapy, opening my own school of the arts like Julliard in New York and also that of a worship leader.

Last year I passed my 8th grade in musical theatre at the London College with distinction and will be doing my associates this year. In 2019, my matric year, I will be completing my teachers’ causing me to be fully qualified to teach musical theatre (dance, vocals and drama at the same time). When I’m done with high school I would like to study in California with the amazing worship band, Bethel, at their conservatory of the arts, getting fully qualified in theatre studies during a four year gospel based musical theatre teaching period. I would like to be like Richard Montez: writing his own music and plays and touring with a group of performers presenting it.

Where were you when you came up with Glowstick? What inspired you to write it?

“For a while during the recording of my EP, Chris, the producer, proposed the idea of producing an upbeat song. I don’t usually sing upbeat songs since I feel that you can communicate more with a slow emotional song (witch I’ve now learned is a complete lie) so I’ve been dreading the idea of having to write an upbeat song. One morning, home alone, I was listening to Classic by MKTO. Something about the beat instantly caught my attention – almost like the energy, joy and feel of the song had directly been passed onto me. I picked up my guitar and started writing, trying to capture that same feel good vibe in Glow. Letting go of pain is, in my opinion, something to celebrate and that’s what Glow is about.”

Don’t miss Nolene, who will be performing at Fresh Factor Live this year!